I am Deaf

I am Deaf

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Medical alert seat belt cover for a person who is deaf.

Do you drive? Do you have a child or family member with a disability?

Now imagine you are in an accident and are unable to communicate with first
responders – how will they know that your child, relative or passenger has a
medical condition if you are unconscious or unable to speak on their behalf?

Enter Belt Alert – these medical alert seat belt covers will help first responders understand that special care is needed with your loved one in the event of an emergency

You can now stop worrying as their condition will be known and they will receive the care needed. 

Belt Alert covers are easy to use with no extra tools needed before use.

They simply wrap around the seat belt strap then slide into the position that fits best for the individual. They can also be used on rucksacks or handbags to alert the general public to a medical condition if on public transport, out for a walk or on a school trip

Belt alert covers save valuable time in an emergency by providing paramedics
with important medical information. They are easily visible with large graphics and they are waterproof.

With hundreds of thousands of car accidents each year, Belt Alert covers enhance communication and clearly provide essential information in a time of stress.

These medical alert seat belt covers have the following great features:

  • Manufactured in a tough, hard wearing and high quality neoprene material
  • High visibility graphics with all the information needed for the medical services on a white background which makes them easily visible day or night!
  • Our medical alert seat belt covers are machine washable (see FAQ's for more details).
  • Our medical alert seat belt covers are easy to fold/unfold using high quality Velcro
  • Perfect size measuring 21cm x 7cm
  • Fits on seat belts, standard and smaller ruck sacks/bags, wheelchairs, strollers. prams

Note: Please make sure that the belt alert cover is only used for the person it is intended for. The cover must be removed if someone else sits in their place.